Paint & Pallet

DIY workshop designed to build and paint rustic home decor projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a class cost?

  • The cost is $35-$85/person + transaction fees. Everything is included. (aprons, wood, stain, paint, hardware to hang, and a customized stencil)

What is the age limit for a class?

  • 13 is the youngest, and the parent may want to assist them in building the project. If you are interested in a party for ages 8-12, please contact us.

Do we actually build the sign?

  • YES! The wood is given to you in its original state and you sand, stain, and put together the whole sign with a drill.

What should I wear? 

  • We do offer aprons to wear over your clothing. We suggest wearing something that has sleeves that can be pushed up.

Do we get to pick the colors when we make the project?

  • Yes. There are 4 options for stain colors and dozens of paint colors to paint in your stenciled design.

Do we free hand paint the design?

  • No.  The design is stenciled on the wood.  This is not a free hand project :)

How many people can fit in a class?

  • 24 is the maximum.

Can we bring food or beverages?

  • YES! You are welcome to bring in some small snacks and drinks to share with your friends including alcohol/wine/beer. Just please bring plastic glasses to drink out of.

What type of stain and paint do you use?

  • We use oil based stains and latex and acrylic paints. If you are pregnant or concerned about the stain fumes, please consult your doctor before signing up.

Can you change the design of the stencils?

  • No, BUT simple changes or substitutions of words within our standard designs can generally be made with no additional charges. Significant changes to our standard designs or special requests are considered custom and must be pre-approved. If approved, a customization fee of $25 will apply.

When are the new schedules posted?

  • We post all new public class schedules on the 1st day of the month prior at 8am. *Example- February's schedule is posted on January 1st.

Do you host off-site events?

  • No, all of our events are held at our studio in Ramsey, MN.

What are your hours?

  • We are open Monday-Saturday. Closed on Sundays.